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About Residential Home Care

About Residential
Home Care

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The Experienced and Reliable Choice for Home Care in Texas

At Residential Home Care, our mission is to provide reliable, friendly, affordable, and capable home care throughout Texas. With main offices the Houston, TX area since 2012, our teams of skilled nurses, credentialed home health aides, and therapists live and work throughout Texas, where they bring healthcare home to you. Residential Home Care aides help retirees with daily activities, errands, health monitoring, and much more. Our nurses, therapists, and aides also deliver in-home, coordinated, skilled medical care. To make home care affordable to as many people as possible, Residential Home Care works with both private pay, Texas Medicaid, and a long list of insurers. Why wait to start living a life that is more convenient, more comfortable, safer, and even healthier? It all starts with a no-obligation conversation about you.

Your Home Team

Do you want assisted living in your own home. Why hire just one person, when you can have the entire Residential Home Care team behind you? Residential Home Care automatically provides fill-in service when needed, supervision of aides by registered nurses, aide vetting, continuing healthcare education for aides, and nurse assessment to update home care plans as neeeded.

Reliable Home Care

Residential Home Care serves all of Texas as a state-licensed, Medicaid-certified home health and home care agency. Each of our clinicians has completed formal training and passes thorough background checks, reference checks, skills exams, and practical skills testing. Our aides also receive monthly inservice training.

Affordable Home Care

Home care is such a worthwhile service for retirees and other Texans, that part of our mission is to make it affordable for as many Texans as possible. We work with Medicaid so seniors can receive our home care with state and federal funds paying up to 100%. For our clients paying privately, we craft custom care plans to your exact needs in a way that works with your budget.

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